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Performance is in our nature.

Covation Bio PDO provides naturally-derived and renewably sourced ingredients that enhance product performance. We offer solutions for a wide variety of markets and applications through our bio-based performance brands, Susterra® and Zemea®.

Personal care

As a bio-based ingredient in personal care products, Zemea® propanediol offers great sensory characteristics, creating formulations that are gentler on your body than petroleum.

Home care

As an enzyme stabilizer or eco-friendly solvent in household cleaning products, Zemea® propanediol improves sustainability profiles by replacing petroleum-based glycols.

Food & flavors

Zemea® USP-FCC propanediol offers flavorists and food technologists reduced bitterness and enhanced sweetness in food and beverage products.

Pharmaceuticals & dietary supplements

Zemea® USP-NF propanediol gives formulators an alternative to petroleum-based glycols and glycerin, bringing sustainability and excellent humectancy to gel caps, cough syrups and more.

Performance polymers

Susterra® propanediol is a road-ready ingredient in footwear, outdoor apparel, performance gear and more, combining flexibility, durability and sustainability.

Functional fluids

A wide range of fluid applications—from heat-transfer fluids to engine coolants—can benefit from the favorable viscosity and thermal stability of Susterra® propanediol.

Coatings, inks & more

Combining exceptional cohesion properties and recyclability, Susterra® propanediol brings sustainable performance to coil coatings, polyurethanes, inks and more.

The greener alternative

Our innovative industrial biotechnology enables today’s manufacturers to create products that offer better performance, quality and sustainability across a wide range of end uses.

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