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Functional fluids

Keeping a variety of industries moving without relying on petroleum

Effective heat transfer is crucial for both low-temperature and high-temperature applications. That’s why companies choose Susterra® propanediol, the higher-performing, 100% plant-based glycol, as the primary ingredient in their heat-transfer fluids.

Susterra® propanediol has exactly the same chemical formula as propylene glycol but a slightly different structure due to the fermentation process used to produce it. This slight structural modification gives it enhanced thermal stability and a longer life in high-heat applications such as solar and geothermal process heating.

Also, Susterra® propanediol shows more favorable viscosity properties at low temperatures than propylene glycol, which can improve energy and pumping efficiencies in cooling applications and reduce maintenance costs.

The benefits of Susterra® propanediol include:

  • Improved viscosity at lower temperatures compared with propylene glycol—for greater process cooling efficiency
  • Excellent freeze-point depression for aqueous solution applications
  • Exceptional degradation properties compared to propylene glycol and ethylene glycol for process-heating applications where stagnation may occur under extreme temperatures
  • Higher boiling point versus propylene glycol and ethylene glycol-based heat-transfer fluids
  • 100% USDA bio-based material, renewably and sustainably sourced
  • Safe, low-toxic, and readily biodegradable
  • Approved for incidental food contact under the NSF International HTX-1 specification
  • GRAS, Halal, Kosher
  • LEED points eligible

Susterra® propanediol is effective in the following low-temperature heat-transfer fluid applications:

Low-temperature, food-safe fluids

The low-viscosity profile of 100% USDA bio-based Susterra® propanediol reduces pump power consumption and enhances flow rates.

Engine coolants

Preventing premature coolant degradation and lowering lifetime costs, Susterra® propanediol can be used as an alternative glycol coolant base.

Deicing fluids

Transitioning to a deicing fluid based on Susterra® propanediol requires no capital investment and helps improve low-temperature properties.

Solar & geothermal systems

Susterra® propanediol provides a higher-performing, plant-based alternative to propylene glycol for solar and geothermal systems.

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