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food-safe fluids

The natural choice in glycols

Susterra® USP-FG propanediol utilized for food and beverage heat transfer fluid applications offers a higher-performing alternative to propylene glycol for use as the primary ingredient in heat-transfer fluid for companies that require non-toxic, food-safe properties.
The low-viscosity profile of Susterra® USP-FG propanediol reduces pump power consumption and enhances flow rates and pumping efficiencies, which can reduce energy demands and maintenance costs. Plus, every drop of our pure, bio-based glycol is renewably sourced from plant materials, not petroleum.
Now there is choice.

The performance benefits of Susterra® USP-FG propanediol include:

  • Improved viscosity at lower temperatures compared to propylene glycol, driving process cooling efficiency
  • Excellent freeze-point depression for aqueous solution applications
  • 100% USDA bio-based material, renewably and sustainably sourced
  • Safe, low-toxic, and readily biodegradable
  • Approved for incidental food contact under the NSF International HTX-1 specification
  • GRAS, Halal, Kosher
  • Meets specifications set forth in the United States Pharmacopeia-Food Chemical Codex monograph associated with biobased 1,3-propanediol
  • Contributes to LEED points

Susterra® propanediol is effective in many low-temperature heat-transfer fluid applications, including:

  • Food and beverage process cooling
  • Immersion freezing
  • Cooling liquid foods and dairy products
  • Fermentation and maturation cooling
  • Carbonated beverage cooling
  • Plastic bottle blow-molding cooling
  • Ice systems
  • Data center and server room cooling
  • Single-fluid process cooling
  • Closed-loop, water-based HVAC applications

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